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Gain counsel from a knowledgeable family immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON, to help guide you through the steps involved with family class sponsorship. The skilled lawyers at Pilkington Immigration are adept at navigating you through the process to ensure you understand all of the necessary requirements to achieve the goal of bringing your family to Canada. Family immigration to Canada goes beyond spouse sponsorship and can include children under the age of nineteen, parental sponsorship, as well as other family members in specific circumstances. Our team is here to help you find the right options for your immigration case, whether you’re seeking to reside in the United States or in Canada, our legal experts are ready to provide the counseling you need.

Child Sponsorship

A parent who resides in Canada can sponsor a child that they have custody of who is living abroad. You may sponsor your dependent child to Canada if certain qualifications are met. Child sponsorship is limited to dependent children under the age of twenty-two who do not have a spouse of their own or a common-law partner. In United States family immigration law, children of US Citizens (unmarried under the age of 21), as well as the parents of citizens, fall within the immediate relative's category. Family members who meet the requirements for this category typically see faster processing times, and can often immigrate within one year. Our firm is here to assist you with the guidance necessary to help bring your family together – legally, as fast as possible.

Parental Sponsorship

Parent sponsorship is a very popular category. The high demand for this category can be attributed to the increased presence of new Canadian citizens who wish to sponsor their parents who still reside in other countries. Please note that the number of sponsorships each year is capped at 5,000. In order for parents to join their adult children in Canada, there is a minimum income requirement for sponsors which is based on the past three tax years.

Spousal & Other Family Members

Although family sponsorships in Canada do not generally include adult children as well as, brothers or sisters, an exception exists for those Canadian citizens or permanent residents without any immediate family members living in Canada who also have no minor dependent children, spouses, or parents that can be sponsored. We are happy to discuss these nuances with you to help you forge a path to Canada if possible. Our legal experts are multi-faceted and can help you review an LMIA, ensuring everything is in place for your unique case.

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We understand that navigating the ever-changing world of immigration law. Our firm is the most practical way for you to gain a thorough understanding of Canadian and USCIS requirements. We are committed to helping you and your family make your immigration process as seamless as possible. Place your confidence in Pilkington Law for your family’s needs. Contact us to connect with a conversant immigration lawyer today.


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